Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Letting Go of My Inner Perfectionist: Featuring the Mimiri Oversized Print Coat

Blogging while in the beautiful city of Helsinki. *Sigh*. My days comprise of looking out the window, hoping for an array of sunshine, or some light to work with. Being a perfectionist, does not help the situation at all. We will find solutions for sure. I have been challenged by John Magiro who from the age of 10, worked day and night without any knowledge of physics, to bring electricity to his rural community. Stories like these inspire and challenge me.

I'm guilty of focusing now and then, on the obstacles preventing me from possibly attaining my goal. I'm going to challenge myself to find solutions instead, from now on, even if that means dismantling things or writing #Magiro on my wall.

This fabric is one of a kind. I went shopping with my friend Nina, and she insisted I buy it. As the weather dictates, I made a coat. I love the outcome of this piece. I designed pants as well, which I will show on a later post.

The coat is really soft and the outfit base is a bit on the edgy, hard side. I tried to break the pattern of the shoes by wearing these faux leather leg warmers I designed. All in a bid to accommodate this coat because I had to wear it.

What is Helsinki without it's magical, glowing sunsets.

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