Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Seasonal Transition: Featuring the Mimiri Oversized Maasai Print Coat

These past two weeks have been busy. One of them actually. Last week I was in bed nursing a cold. I tried to gather strength to put out a blog post, but my itchy eyes and runny nose would not let me. This is how we usher in a new season without fail.

Helsinki is windy at this time of the year. I noticed earlier today that the leaves are starting to turn yellow. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons with spring being my favorite. I feel like Autumn creeps up on you. One day we are enjoying the sunshine, and the next there is rainfall with strong winds.

This season also calls for practicalities and practicalities are not always pretty. Wearing a colorful coat is helping me spice up boring outfits while keeping me warm. I made this coat from the traditional Masai blanket. The pride of Kenya. I hope one day I will adorn myself with beads from head to toe. I still secretly wish I was a Maasai. Such freedom to live in perfect harmony with nature. This being a traditional attire means that I can wear it with anything.  

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