Helsinki, Finland
Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How to Style Oversized Coats

I had this fabric laying around here for some time. It was the only piece left at the fabric store, at the time. My initial plan was to make pants since my favourite ones, had come from the same type of fabric. Click here to see my favourite pants.

Naturally, I'm all about timelessness. When I make or buy something, I think of how long I would like to wear it. I have items of clothing that I bought ten years ago and beyond. Some are to help me keep track of my weight *winks*.

I knew I was not going to wear striped pants for long, so, for versatility, I chose an oversized coat. They are an easy way to make your outfit look chic, and you can wear them with everything. Sometimes it takes months before I can connect with a fabric. They seem to have a mind of their own or, their own destiny and dreams. Like the story of a tree,  I once read that wanted to travel the world. When it was cut down, It bid goodbye to its friends, a carpenter used it to make a big boat and that's how its dream realized.

White shirts are my go to any day, especially when accessorized with a brooch for a buttoned up look. I paired it with this navy dress for a clean look. I think my love for white shirts came from wearing school uniforms. Something positive there, from my primary school days. *Lol*.

I could not resist the sunset glowing backdrop. Helsinki has some of the most beautiful sunsets.

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