Helsinki, Finland
Monday, August 14, 2017

The Mechanic: A Two-Piece African Print Overall

High waist and crop tops cover all sin. I take time to connect with how I feel before designing an outfit. I wanted to make something that does not require any buttons or zippers. I call this outfit the mechanic.

I love the freedom an overall gives you (onesie). I have never worn one, but I find them incredibly appealing. I have imagined myself  wearing a greasy one with heels on many occasions. *Is that a fetish?* This is the closest I could come to that fantasy.

This outfit is playful and It shows just the right amount of skin. Crop tops and high waisted pants/jeans are a wonderful way to cover up the lower belly, if like me, you're still working on getting that gym membership.

The bottom was not meant to be flattering at all. I wanted anyone wearing it to feel free. The form fitting crop top  balances the whole outfit by exposing the midriff section and therefore giving it just the right amount of sexy. It can be dressed up or down by just changing the shoes and the bag. This time, I chose heels and kept it casual by carrying my everyday bag. I buy shoes that can work with almost everything. This colour is neutral and its blending well with most of my outfits. Do not hesitate to be a repeat offender when it comes to shoes.

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you. Tell me what you like about this outfit by leaving a comment below. Sharing is caring, so do share!


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