Saturday, October 14, 2017

How To Shop Men's Wear and How To Wear His Blazer: Featuring Mimiri's Mechanic Pants.

Blazers are everywhere, with my personal favourite being a thrifted, oversized one. Naturally, I am a thrifter. I spent so much time rummaging through piles of Mitumba (second hand) during my teenage years, that my sister has flashbacks. I had to bribe her to hang around, while I treasure hunted. It remains one of my favourite ways to shop till to date. 

Staying in style doesn’t have to break the bank. You can do it efficiently with a few tricks. Here they are:

1. Shop men’s

When it comes to blazers, coats and sweaters, do not hesitate to shop on the men’s department. Most of the blazers I own including the one I’m wearing today; are men’s. Men’s clothing seem to be cut better and therefore hang so well on the shoulders, giving you a perfect oversized chic look. Most men in general prefer quality over quantity. So if you are into brands and labels you are most likely going to stumble upon Pierre Cardins sweaters and Burberry on a serious bargain.

2. It doesn’t have to fit.

Do not worry about size. If you find something you love, take it. Add a belt to an oversized sweater, blazer or dress, a pair of heels and you’re good to go. When you fold the arms, you can get away with it.

3. Be You

With the internet, we are aware more than ever, of what other people have. Fashion is coming and going so fast, by the time you are getting your hands on something, it’s out. Finding your style and responding to that inner urge to be an individual will save you both time and money.

4. Find your style 

Finding your style is finding your identity. When you find your style, you’ll comfortably walk in and out of shops without buying anything, because you now have an understanding of what works for you. There are trends that I let pass me by because I know who I am. When you find your style time will stand still for you. Trends will come and go but you will remain comfortably stylish.

What I'm wearing

I made the pants from the same fabric as the one in the previous post. I wanted comfort and freedom. I have been wanting to make an overall for a while and this is the closest I could come to that feeling. I really love how they came out. Top is from Lidl. yeah... The blazer is from a second hand shop around the men's department. Its a size 52, so don't hesitate to take a bigger size if you feel inspired. I love socks with heels of any kind, they don't just look good but they feel good. Always trust the feeling! 

Hair and Makeup

Three Strand Braids: Water and Shea butter.

Foundation: Joe Blasco

Mineral Powder: Bare minerals ( Gives a perfect finish)

Lipstick: Cherry Joe Blasco

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  1. You are too stylish Liz. I'm in love with this look :-)

  2. I love the look esp the pants!!! (The name made me think of your dad ☺️). Best fashion advice I’ve heard: Be You.

    1. Awww,that's neat. Now that you mentioned that... Thank you sweetheart

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