Friday, June 23, 2017

Sunday Best

dark skinned woman wearing white shirt, blue skirt, and colorful neck piece

Originally published on my previous blog, the edge hunter, during 22 September 2014.

When I was growing up, there were designated things for different occasions. Dishes for guests who might visit someday, Sunday's best and Christmas clothes. Everything good was reserved for the unknown. The guests, Sunday and holidays. We lived with so much longing and everything was such a treat. There were no mobile phones and house phones were a luxury. People just showed up whenever they wanted to visit. This put most families I knew in waiting mode. The days were filled with hope, grand parents hoping their kids will show up on weekends, wives hoping their husbands would  return from the city they had gone to find work. Everyone I knew was waiting for something. Waiting to wear their best clothes someday.

As I was coming into my own during my  teenage years, I realized too late on Sundays that  I had worn all my best clothes during the week. And then I noticed that I actually didn't have special clothes anymore. I got tired of waiting for someday, the unknown, the holidays and guests that might arrive from out of town. I subconsciously decided that everyday was special. That has put me in trouble sometimes, because like every woman, I cannot find what to wear. When I don't know what to wear, and that's very often I wear a white shirt.

dark skinned lady with short hair is wearing a white shirt, blue skirt, round toe red heels,and accesories

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