Friday, June 23, 2017

Genius Within

street photo of woman wearing a white top, afrrican print palazzo pants with a blag clutch bag in hand

Originally published on my previous blog, the edge hunter, during 16 June 2015.

Growing up, I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with my maternal grandmother.  I adore her for many reasons aside from being a wonderful grandmother. She had several nicknames for me, one being Mimiri the name I have chosen for my designs. Mimiri means beloved.

african print palazzo pants and a pair of red Zara heels

smiling woman wearing white top, african print pants with clutch bag in hand is standing infront of a green hedge

You see, my grandmother thought I was  a  genius. During the times I spent with her, she and several other women, used to gather and weave baskets as a hobby. This was how they had their girl talk. I always sat at her feet and took the leftovers from the sisal that she and the other women would role for hours on their thighs, while narrating stories that I was too young to understand. I tried to fill in the blanks, but every now and then, someone would signal the other women to remind them of my presence. This is the part where they would start talking in parables and I would get lost in translation. I would be busy trying to make a two strand rope, and it just wouldn't work. Up until recently, twisting hair seemed like such magic to me. In the end, I would surrender and make a crooked three strand rope, which my grandma thought was genius. She and I became weaving buddies, and with every rope, I was a genius once again.

street style photo of woman with a white top, african print palazzo pants and a pair of red heels is striking a pose

slight open back of white top

This week in honour of my grandma, and the genius within me, I weaved a rope on this top. The rope extends to the back. The fabric I used for the wide leg pants, couldn't be more appropriate. I have had it for a while now, and since it's not that vibrant, I thought making a bottom would be more suitable and versatile. I hope you feel inspired. I felt absolutely classy in this outfit. The bag, is a vintage Gucci and I love it. It can transition from day to evening by bending the handle that transforms it into a clutch. The shoes are from Zara.

woman in white top and african print palazzo pants with right hand on waist

woman in white top and african print palazzo pants standing on the street

back of black clutch bag

woman in white top and african print palazzo pans with one  leg crossed over the other

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