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woman wearing red african print outfit with apair of red Zara heels is curtseying

Originally published on my previous blog, the edge hunter, during 8 June 2015.

When I first saw this fabric, I loved it. No, I didn't. Maybe the lighting at the shop was not so good. Maybe it was, but I was looking for something else. It was laying flat under a big pile, with a label, African Fabrics. Well, the African fabrics that we get here, are not exactly what we are accustomed to. About 99% of them have glitter, of which I have come to embrace for lack of options. No, I think there is a part of me that really loves glitter.

a pair of red Zara heels

I once asked to see the buyer, but I was told, they only bring the leftovers from the factory so there wasn't really much planning behind it. Exactly my problem. Well, I proceeded to vent .

"I just wanted to let you all know, that this is a not a very good representation of Africa"
front pose of woman wearing red african print outfit

street photo of woman wearing a red outfit

Yep. I had to say it.  A few weeks later, I went back to the shop  and after an hour of rummaging through piles of fabrics, this one called my name. This time, I had a connection with it and a plan. I thought about all the possibilities of changing it's destiny, from left over to maybe royalty. It reminds me so much of India. I speak like one who has been there before, but I haven't. However, I will be visiting there soon.

woman wearig red african print oufit with clutch bag in hand

side pose of woman wearing african print outfit with a pair of red heels

I left the back open like I do with most of my designs, because I think a woman's back is absolutely gorgeous. Bringing sexy back? lol. That's not exactly what Justin Timberlake meant. *But hey* I love making a two piece because that provides me with unlimited options. I can wear the top with so many other things and the skirt as well. Style is about maximising your wardrobe as I had mentioned on my last post.
open back of african print outfit

a pair of red Zara heels and patent clutch bag with splash paint detail

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