Friday, June 23, 2017

The Miracle of the White Shirt

african print tie-dye jumpsuit

Originally published on my previous blog, the edge hunter, during 14 April 2015.

Those who are close to me know that I wear white shirts quite often. I always say that you will almost always catch me wearing a white shirt. I believe it can save you from those days when you have a pile of clothes on the bed or the floor frustrated because you cannot find anything to wear.  Another thing I always say is, when I do not know what to wear, I wear a white shirt. 

This miracle worker is so agreeable and can transition from office to a night out. You will notice along the way that I basically break all the rules. I believe a little bit of accessorising can enhance and transform any outfit to represent exactly what you're about for that day. You must find a shade that suits you the best.  For example off white works better with my skin tone. So find out which shade will make your skin glow. Place the shirt over your left or right shoulder while standing in front of a mirror. You can place one at a time or both. And voila! There you have your answer. One will either make your skin tone dull and the other will give it a glow. This technique applies to other colours as well.

white shirt and tie-dye jumpsuit

african print outfit

Today, I will share with you a jumpsuit I made a few months ago. I paired it with a vintage white blouse and added a belt to accentuate my waist. It can be worn with or without a belt.  The bag is leather vintage and it  actually has no name and that to me is a very good sign.*wink*. The belt is from a H&M dress that I do not wear anymore. The chain is from Bijou Bridget, and I  added the orange fringe thing from a key holder my friend gave me. She also gave me the chain too. The shoes I got them brand new from a summer second hand market and I love them. They are by ASOS. I love what they are doing with shoes.  

a pair of red block heels with green bows and blue straps

street style of woman in white shirt and tie-dye jumpsuit

close up of dark brown bag

Be inspired!

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