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Gloria Fashion Show 2016

woman in maasai headwrap and white and purple dress

Originally published in my previous blog post, the edge hunter, during 18 September 2016.

Dressing up, is one of my pick me ups. Seeing people well dressed, is like going to an art gallery for the art lovers. I enjoy every moment of it. When I was a teenager, I changed my clothes about 3 times in a day. I did not realise this, until somebody pointed it out. I was so surprised , one might have thought he was speaking of someone else. I spent the past two weeks planning an outfit for a fashion show. I knew what I was going to wear but the pressure was on when I found out I would be on the front row. I love fashion shows! I love clothes in ways words cannot describe. I feel that dressing well can change one's life and even attitude.

a compilation of photos which may consist of magnum ice creams, models, attendees of the fashion show woman in a purple dress leaning her hand on letter G sign

magnum ice cream, champagne

The process of choosing what to wear for me is deep. I always try to connect with how I feel and how I want to feel like. Light, fresh, bold, free and so on are some of the emotions that go with my outfits. This outfit was about freedom. I love long full dresses, they make me feel very feminine. My favourite story as a kid, was Cinderella and it was all about the dress. This was my Cinderella moment (sort of).

I have been making this dress since the beginning of spring but I never finished it till last week. I  embroidered  the flowers on the fabric myself and I really like how it turned out. My  sister  accompanied me to the show and I made the outfit she was wearing as well. The shirt is from H&M, shoes from Zara and the bag is DKNY.
attendees of the gloria fashion show 2016

It was a great honour to be in this show. I had so much fun, I forgot to take pictures but what I have will do. Everything about the event was to the highest standard. The food- Magnum ice cream with amazing toppings. I have to talk about ice cream. Those who know me, know I love ice cream. Who even invented ice cream? A complete genius perhaps? I heard Magnum is a complete different brand in the US. For my US peeps, this is ice-cream over here. Champagne was flowing too the whole darn time and Fazer chocolate at its best. I met amazing people and I was completely free to be vain. Well, while on the outside looking in, it’s all vanity. Not the case. Clothes can love you like art or anything else. I was free to compliment anybody without feeling like I am invading the Finnish space. Every now and then fashion lovers need a space where they can compliment each other like about 10 times in a day. I don’t get tired of it. I wanna take this opportunity to thank Saila-Mari Kohtala and Gloria Magazine for creating such a dreamy event. Unfortunately, I’m back to reality.  

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