Saturday, July 8, 2017

Midsummer Glow

Originally published in my previous blog, the edge hunter, during 27 June 2016.

Midsummer has been known to rain and or to be cloudy. Well, depending on which part of the country one is. This past weekend, has been no exception with the latter​. My blogging life depends entirely on the weather. I decided to take a nap earlier because I had given up on the possibility of daylight. I kept looking out the window, even though there was a heavy cloud. Every time I'm faced with a great decision or a challenge, I say a little prayer and take a nap. That can end up being a few hours or the standard nap time. It all depends on the magnitude of the solution. It's like waking up to a new day with a fresh mind. It's an incredibly powerful tool.

Everything on the outside was saying no. I could have easily waited for a brighter day but I dressed up and made a decision to go out and try. I kept hoping that somehow, the light might push through the dark clouds. Time was against me but I was determined to try. I just wanted to try.  My photographer informed me that we did not have time for the destination of my choice. I had very little expectation so I was quick to accept.

A few minutes into the shoot, I saw the evening glow shining from the back of the buildings in front of me. In no time, I had it all to myself as if it was being held just for me. That was a pretty spectacular moment. I had asked for the light, but I needed to leave the house in order for me to see it. I had a pretty legitimate excuse to stay home and procrastinate. This was a great lesson for me. Many times we ask for things but remain put. There is no way to experience anything if we do not work our faith. There is no way to find out if you don't go out to find your light. There is no way of knowing if you keep looking out through the same window knowing full well what there is. There is always a light somewhere.

A t-shirt and heels does not only look good but it feels right. It's one of my favourite ways to dress, especially for comfort. I made the pants last winter and I am in love with this print. The tee-shirt is from H&M  and I added these featherweight gold chains to make it appear delicate. Accessories can transform an outfit either by making it hard, bold or delicate. The print here is very loud so the top part helps to soften it. The shoes are from Zara.

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