Saturday, July 8, 2017

La Joie De Vivre (The Joy of Living)

Originally published on my previous blog, the edge hunter, during 14 June 2016.

The image of Otis chewing gum while fixing his wire and rubber toy car,is forever ingrained in my mind...his rich dark skin and how he tilted his head to the side when he was concentrating. The only other person I have seen chewing gum like that, is Brad Pitt in Oceans 11. I don’t remember him speaking much, but I was so mesmerised in  his presence, that there was no need for words. He made toy cars for most of the boys and he enjoyed the attention they gave him when there was a loose wire . Those were the moments I stole to sit next to him and watch him chew gum, while he repaired the toy cars. There is something about watching people do what they love or know.  He most likely never even knew how so smitten I was.  He was to me the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. As a family, we spoke about him and his family often. At the age of 9, I could speak freely about a boy without raising any suspicion.

They were the first family to show public display of affection. Their father worked in another city and when he would return home, they all ran to welcome him and in no time they would all be on the ground. His parents from what I remember, had a great friendship. They would sit outside for hours in the evenings chatting away. Their smiles and laughter were so genuine. His father’s eyes would look on with such kindness while we played in the backyard, that I knew for sure he never judged anybody. Otis was just one of my childhood friends. There are many who left a mark. As neighbours, we knew each other’s struggles and triumphs because a friend sticks closer than a brother.
When I became of age, I knew I had to have a conversation with my parents.  It was  more of a declaration than a conversation. I said,
‘One day, I’ll bring somebody home, whatever ethnicity he may be. Your job is to understand that I have made a good choice, because you have given me the tools and equipped me to do so’.

My parents were quick to let me know, that anyone was welcome as long as they treated me right. My mother later revealed a crush she had on Omollo for years. When I became aware of the world beyond my country, my desire for humanity to unite in love became even greater.

I love my country, and being on the outside looking in, makes me wonder whether we are really moving forward in love. I am a citizen of the world, my dream of having friends from all over has come true in many ways. What I have noticed with all my friends, is that we have more similarities than differences and our differences make us richer. I take the best out of everyone I know to enrich my life. As we move forward in choosing our leaders, let us remember to love our neighbours. Let us remember that being from the same ethnic group as someone else does not necessarily mean they know you  personally or your challenges. Most importantly, we are not related at least not all of us. We must break barriers and focus on humanity first. ​

This past weekend, I was privileged to attend one of the most amazing parties. When I grow up, I want to host parties like that. I have never felt so at home. It felt like an Audrey Hepburn film. Now, I dread themed parties because they require one to go outside of their comfort zone. I got my invitation quite a while ago and I kept thinking, surely, I have enough time to make a dress. On the morning of the event, I was doing everything but. Then I thought, maybe If I clean the house, I might have clarity of thought. I did the math and I might have miscalculated somewhere because by 2:00pm I was done. I was surely feeling better, but I did not have a dress. When I don't know what to do, I say a little prayer and then I take a nap. It works without fail. When choosing what to wear, the most important factor for me is comfort. I represent myself and what I know style to be.  

At 5:00pm, I still did not know what to wear so I took a nap and 45 minutes later, I was in a state of emergency. Well, when this happens and  I don't know what to wear, I wear a white shirt even to a la joie de vivre (the joy of living) extravaganza. I made the skirt a few weeks ago and it was planned for another day but hey. This is the outfit I put together. I wear white shirts everywhere and with everything. It is such a miracle worker like I have said before in other posts. You can dress it up or down. I love brooches, It's a great way to accessorise. Green is my neutral colour. I use it naturally as a base for many outfits and that's why I chose the green head wrap once again. The bag is vintage, prized possession  from my dearest friend Samera whom, when she arrived at a seminar, it's the very first thing I saw.  

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