Sunday, July 2, 2017

No Limits

african print top and white short skirt

Originally published in my previous blog, the edge hunter, during 2 September 2015.

I'm going to begin with a quote that I love so much, but never quite experienced the truth of it until recently. " There are no limits except those in our minds". A few months ago, I had a bathroom renovation that went on for months. I could not wait for it to be complete, so that I could do all the things  it was holding me back from doing. I made promises and a reasonable amount of excuses during this period. Every time I arrived home, my obstacle was staring me right in the face. I enjoy cooking and house parties and this became a great inconvenience for that. I had an estimated date of completion and as a result, promised my friends great things as soon as it was ready  and pushed any important visits towards the end of that month.

african print head wrap

Time went by and finally the bathroom was complete. I was overjoyed, but like a new pair of shoes, my joy was short lived. I went into a zombie like state and then a mild depression. That realisation that the bathroom had not been an obstacle really shocked my system. We make excuses everyday as to why we cannot do something but if we can examine our lives, we will realise that we are unstoppable and the limits are only in our heads. If we can go past that, we will live a life of fulfilment. I do not make excuses any longer. I do not find reasons outside of myself as to why I have not completed a project. I now take full responsibility. Experience is definitely the best teacher. Live a life of no limits, because there are none.

african lady curtseying
african lady with heels

This outfit is my way of celebrating the last days of sunshine and warmth. Midriff was definitely my thing this summer and I have completely enjoyed my fair share of crop tops.  I made this skirt recently but the top is from  an outfit I made last spring. I love head scarfs, best cover for a bad hair day. Shoes by  Nine West.

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