Sunday, July 2, 2017

My Heritage

maasai print skirt

Originally published in my previous blog, the edge hunter, during 11 September 2015.

I have a dream, to travel the world photographing all these beautiful people who have maintained their way of being and expression. Today, I'm honouring my heritage with these words and deed. With words, I say thank you, and in deed I dedicate this outfit to the Maasai people.

I have always admired and loved them so much. I envied their freedom and beauty. I wanted to shave my head, wear lots of beads on my neck and walk bare foot. Thank you for standing without wavering, thank you for giving us something to hold on to as a nation. Thank you for being you, because by so being, you have taught me to embrace who I am fully. Thank you for the silence through the years of ridicule. Thank you for remaining conscious. Thank you for teaching me how to let go of earthly possessions with your nomadic lifestyle. Thank you for teaching me to find greener pastures. Thank you reminding me that the grass might be greener elsewhere. (Is that the same thing?) Thank you for making this fabric/print so significant, that when I wear it around my neck, I connect with home.

maasai print head wrap

I was gifted this fabric recently and because I had plans way in advance, I knew I wanted to make something special. I made this top last spring. The rope detail around my neck, is to honour the genius within. As usual, shoes are from Zara.

maasai print skirt, white top and headwrap

woman in a maasai inspired outfit

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