Saturday, July 1, 2017

Maasai Mode

a compliation of three images; a woman is wearing a maasai print wrap, Underneath her wrap she is wearing a white top, a pair of red shorts, and black outdoor boots.
Originally published in my previous blog, the edge hunter, during 22 September 2015.

I have been on a Maasai type of mood for as long as I can remember. A friend on a recent trip to Nairobi, was kind enough to bring me three blankets. This awakened the Maasai that might be in me. I have admired their determination to uphold tradition, despite opposition and modernisation. I wanted to honour this tradition, by making something I might be able to use for a long time, instead of just using the blankets  for picnics. I do hope this is an appropriate way to do so.  

woman in maasai print wrap and black outdoor boots

woman with hand over neck

woman in maasai print wrap looking into the horizon

Wrapping the blanket around myself has been the ultimate comfort. I can see how the Maasai people have never given this up for form fitting clothes. I felt absolute freedom under this poncho and also very connected to my roots.  
woman in maasai print wrap is stretching out her hands

I made this top last spring. The shorts, hat and the neck piece are from H&M.

woman wearing a white top paired with a pair of red shorts and black outdoor boots, she has accessorized it with a yellow neck piece and a black hat.

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woman in a white and red outfit has hand over hat

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